WannaCry, was a ransomware attack which broke out on 12th May,2017 that held so many organizations hostage. According to a report it infected more than 250,000 computers.

  • How do computers get infected

Wannacry (aka.Wannacypt) takes the advantage of a serious vulnerability in Windows.

  • Can Macs Androids or Iphones get infected

Until now clearly no case of Macs Androids or Ios have been reported. But Wannacry mainly infects Windows taking the advantage of the SMB vulnerability.

  • What to do if infected?

There is clearly no way of getting rid of the virus but a 22 year old web security researcher named Marcus Hutchins made a kill switch to the virus. But the new versions detected lack the kill switches.

  • Many advice the people should backup their data in case.

Is there a patch to the vulnerability.Wanna cry
Microsoft released new versions to Windows.10,8 ,7,vista and even to Windows XP. But since many people haven’t even updated their Windows their machines are vulnerable to the virus.

  • How to pay for files

When infected the desktop background changes to a screen showing “YOUR MACHINE HAS BEEN INFECTED” or stuff like that it also shows the guide on how to pay the ransom. The infected person has to send money in BITCOINS to a specific email.

  • What is this Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is untraceable. Normally its used on DARK WEB or used by the hackers.

1 BITCOIN= 3815.42 USD.

  • How much have the Authors made

The total ransom that the authors have made is public information. It is reported to be more than $143,000 in bitcoins. However the money was emptied from the creator’s account. It was put into more accounts, a method also known as mixer.
The payments were recorded by a twitter bot set up by QUARTZ.

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